A blaze displaced a N.H. family just before a little girl’s birthday. So the fire dept. hosted her party.

Local News

After a devastating house fire, firefighters in Laconia rescued 9-year-old Ava Johnson’s birthday cake and offered the family a place to celebrate.

Firefighters in Laconia, New Hampshire rescued a little girl’s birthday party after a devastating fire tore through her family’s home early Wednesday morning. 

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When Ava Johnson and her family made it out of the house safely, there was only one question on the 9-year-old’s mind, local news station WMUR reported.

“We weren’t even across the street yet to get away from the burning building and she’s asking, ‘What about my party?’” dad Cory Johnson told the news outlet. 

So after knocking down the flames that heavily damaged the Johnsons’ home, the Laconia Fire Department stepped up to save her party, according to WMUR.

“The wonderful folks at the Laconia Fire Department hosted her party!” Karen Lee Banks, who identified herself as Ava’s grandmother, wrote on Facebook. “They also saved her cake that she made herself the day before, and had fortunately put in the fridge.”

Speaking to WMUR, Cory Johnson added: “This community is so blessed to have a crew like we have here in Laconia, just so much compassion.”

A GoFundMe to help the family of seven replace their belongings had raised nearly $5,000 as of Friday afternoon. 

Fundraiser organizer Diane Demakis wrote that the home served as both a classroom for the Johnsons’ five children and an office for Cory Johnson’s landscaping company. 

“I can’t imagine the costs associated with replacing EVERYTHING,” Demakis wrote. “But here they are and seeing how they wouldn’t ask for a nickel…. I am asking for anyone that has the ability to contribute to the Johnson Family to please consider doing so!”