A Revere man was charged with impersonating police. Now he’s accused of assaulting a TV reporter covering his arrest.

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Byron Boisseau was arrested in July for allegedly flashing amber lights at other drivers and displaying items that made him appear to be a police officer.

A Revere man who was charged with impersonating a police officer was arraigned Monday for allegedly shoving a reporter while leaving his first court date. 

Byron Boisseau, 44, was charged with assault and battery on a person over 60, Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced. 

He was initially arrested on July 23 and charged with impersonating a police officer, possession of burglarious tools, carrying a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct. 

After his arraignment a few days later, a TV reporter tried to get a statement from Boisseau as he left a courthouse. Boisseau then grabbed the reporter and shoved him multiple times, according to Hayden’s office. The reporter showed video footage to police that captured the incident. The reporter did not suffer any major injuries. 

“Impersonating a police officer or any armed official is not only dangerous but also a crime. This individual chose to commit another crime right after answering on a different one,” Hayden said in a statement. “We all have a job to do. Use of force or violence against someone performing their professional duties will never be tolerated, as this individual has found out.”

The items police say they recovered during Boisseau’s traffic stop. – Massachusetts State Police

On the evening of July 23, police received a report from a driver on Ocean Avenue about a white Ford Crown Victoria with amber lights. The Ford was traveling close behind the other driver, who pulled to the side and allowed the Ford to pass. The caller had taken a video of the Ford with its lights flashing, officials said. 

A State Police trooper found the Ford turning off Revere Beach Boulevard with those lights still flashing. Although the vehicle did not have any identifying markings, two “thin blue line” stickers were seen on the back windshield and a black hat with “security” written on it was atop the back seat, officials said.

Boisseau was found behind the wheel wearing a black shirt that also had “security” written on it. A silver badge in a holder was hanging from the rearview mirror. Boisseau told police that he works as a security contractor. He also said that he had a mace gun and a BB gun on him, prosecutors said. 

The trooper who pulled Boisseau over reported seeing him touch the handle of a black firearm protruding from his pants as he stepped out of the Ford. The trooper also saw that Boisseau was wearing a police-style belt that had several pieces of equipment attached to it, including an expandable baton and a handgun that resembled a Glock. The trooper removed it and confirmed that it was a BB gun loaded with metal pellets, officials said.

Police searched the Ford further. They reported finding items including a black bulletproof vest, a large black flashlight, a Rothco police supply catalog, an aluminum citation holder, a black ski mask, two pairs of bolt cutters, handcuffs, an alcohol breathalyzer, and a vehicle push bar bumper, according to Hayden’s office.