Macy’s is opening a new ‘small-format’ store in Boston, one of 12 in the U.S.


The new store will cater to recent shopping trends with a smaller footprint and a “curated” selection of fashion and beauty products.

The interior of a clothing store, with a display of folded women's clothing
Macy’s is opening a new small-format store in Boston next month, which will carry a “curated” line of products similar to the Highland, Indiana location pictured here. Courtesy Macy’s

Macy’s is opening a new “small-format” store in Boston in September, the retailer announced Tuesday.

Unlike the expansive shopping mall anchors the department store chain is known for, its new “small-format” stores have 30,000- to 50,000-square-foot footprints and can be found in “off-mall” shopping centers, according to a press release. 

“Small-format stores offer a curated shopping experience celebrating discovery and convenience,” Macy’s Inc. Chief Stores Officer Marc Mastronardi said in the release. “These stores optimize our physical store footprint and bring us closer to existing and desired customers while encouraging more frequent visits.” 

Sprawling American malls have lost clientele in recent decades thanks to the rise of online shopping and changes in customers’ in-person shopping preferences. Amid these trends, Macy’s opened eight small-format locations in 2020 and 2021, and announced four more this summer, including the Boston store. 

The new stores will sell a selection of clothing items, accessories, beauty products, toys, luggage, and gifts from a range of popular and in-house brands, according to Macy’s.

The locations will offer many of the same amenities as full-size Macy’s stores, with service desks for returns and exchanges and curbside pickup options. 

Macy’s has not yet announced the location of the new Boston store. There are currently 15 Macy’s in Massachusetts, six in Connecticut, four in New Hampshire, two in Rhode Island, and one in Maine.