Teen with ‘violent history’ toward police punched trooper in the face, police say


State Police said the 17-year-old had a “violent history toward police” and three prior arrest warrants.

A Cohasset teen turned himself in Sunday morning after allegedly punching a trooper and fleeing the scene two days prior, according to a release from State Police. 

The 17-year-old, whose name was not listed in the press release because he is a juvenile, was in a car that sped past a State Police cruiser going southbound on Route 3 in Norwell just before midnight Friday. The trooper said she ran the plates of the gray Dodge Durango and found that the teen associated with the vehicle “has a violent history toward police” and three arrest warrants. 

The car’s inspection sticker also was expired, according to the release. 

State Police said the car then parked in front of an Audi car dealership on Pond Street in Norwell when the trooper parked her cruiser and approached the Durango. She saw the teen climb into the back of the car, with his mother in the driver’s seat. 

The teen was asked to step out of the car, at which point he attempted to flee toward the dealership. The trooper tried to grab the teen, but he punched her in the face and pushed the trooper away before running away. 

A State Police K9 team and Norwell Police Department officers came to the scene to assist in the search of the teen boy, while Norwell EMS treated the trooper for injuries to her face.

When the teen turned himself in two days later at the Cohasset Police Station, he was arrested for assault and battery of a police officer and resisting arrest, as well as his three prior warrants. 

State Police said one of those previous warrants was a probation violation for not charging an ankle monitor bracelet he was required to wear. But the release did not say what the teen was accused of in the other two warrants. 

An arraignment will take place at the Hingham District Court, though officials did not give a date.