10-year-old Plymouth boy loses necklace containing mother’s ashes

Local News

The pendant fell off while the 10-year-old was playing soccer at West Elementary School.

A 10-year-old boy lost a pendant necklace containing his mother’s ashes at a soccer practice in Plymouth last week, Boston 25 News reported. 

Connor Datri of Plymouth lost the heat-shaped locket engraved with his mom’s initials and fingerprint during soccer practice at West Elementary School, the 10-year-old told Boston 25. Datri was playing when he realized the pendant had fallen off. 

“I was kind of shocked that the necklace was on me, but the pendant wasn’t,” Connor said to Boston 25. “I kind of felt upset and mad at the same time.”

Datri’s grandmother Melissa Moriarty told Boston 25 that Datri wears the necklace to feel close to his mom. 

“He wears it all the time, and he only takes it off when he showers,” Moriarty said. “This is like the only thing that he really has of his mom.”

Datri’s mom, Lynelle Leonard died in a car crash three years ago, Boston 25 reported. 

Moriarty posted to Facebook for help. Dozens responded, searching the soccer field in the pouring rain with metal detectors to try and find the pendant, Boston 25 reported. The necklace has still not been found, Moriarty told Boston 25. 

The remainder of Leonard’s ashes are with Moriarty, though Moriarity said she is still upset not knowing where the pendant is. 

“My heart hurts, because I don’t know where she is,” Moriarty said to Boston 25. “She’s in an urn in my house. I haven’t buried her, because I want to make sure she’s safe. Her being in my house, I feel she’s safe… We’re missing a part of my daughter, because she is in that heart.”

Moriarity told Boston 25 that anyone who finds the necklace is encouraged to turn it in to Plymouth police.