2 charged with animal cruelty in case of beaten, starved pit bull


Conrad, a 5-year-old pit bull mix, was found emaciated with broken bones. Now, he’s looking for his forever home.

Conrad is at the MSPCA’s Boston Adoption Center.

Two Greenfield residents are facing animal cruelty charges after a dog was found beaten and starved at their home.

The MSPCA’s Law Enforcement Division on Friday announced charges against Yarras P. Fletcher and Aliah K. Rivera on behalf of a 5-year-old pit bull mix named Conrad. Witnesses called Greenfield police on July 12 after finding the dog in need of medical care. Officers found Conrad to be severely emaciated and brought him to a local dog shelter. 

Conrad was underweight and had 20 small rocks in his stomach when he was brought to the MSPCA, according to Mike Keiley, MSPCA-Angell Director of Adoption Centers and Programs.

According to the MSPCA, witnesses claimed to have seen Conrad repeatedly beaten, kicked, and hit with a blunt object. The investigation is ongoing and the arraignment of Fletcher and Rivera is pending. Conrad was surrendered to the MSPCA’s care on July 24. Now, the search is on for the dog’s forever home.

Veterinarians in the MSPCA’s Boston Adoption Center clinic examined Conrad and found a litany of health issues.  

“It appears that Conrad’s rear left leg, tibia, and fibula were all broken in the past and never treated, so they healed on their own,” said Mike Keiley, MSPCA-Angell Director of Adoption Centers and Programs. “We also found 20 small rocks in his stomach, which luckily have passed on their own and didn’t need to be surgically removed.”

Shelter staff say Conrad is very sweet and loving, despite his past trauma.

The care team put Conrad on a careful re-feeding plan to help him regain weight. The dog also had dental surgery and treatment for his skin and ears. 

“Conrad exemplifies how incredibly resilient dogs are,” said Keiley. “Despite all he’s been through, he remains friendly and trusting. We know that he’ll make a wonderful companion for the right adopters now that he’s ready to find them.”

Anyone interested in adopting Conrad can visit the MSPCA’s Boston Adoption Center during business hours, which are Tuesday through Sunday, from noon to 3 p.m. They can also submit an adoption inquiry at mspca.org.

Originally posted 2023-08-19 14:42:28.