‘A horrible tragedy:’ 2-year-old Hull boy fatally injured at grandfather’s Cohasset auto repair shop, police say

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The boy was at Hajj Auto Care with his grandfather, who co-owns the garage.

A 2-year-old Hull boy died Thursday after he was fatally injured at his grandfather’s auto repair shop in Cohasset, police say.

Around 12:40 p.m., the boy was injured “as a result of an incident” at Hajj Auto Care on Main Street in Cohasset, Police Chief William Quigley said during a news conference. The child was at the garage with his grandfather, who is one of the garage’s co-owners.

The initial investigation suggests the boy was injured “in an incident involving a piece of heavy machinery” that was being operated behind the garage, the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office said. His grandfather was working with construction equipment when he was injured, WHDH reported.

The boy’s grandfather brought him to the police station, which is around the corner from the garage, after the boy was injured, the police chief said. The child was then rushed to South Shore Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“This is a horrible tragedy,” Quigley said.

Police are investigating how the child died, and so is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the police chief said.

When asked if anyone involved in the incident might face criminal charges, Quigley said police are “just thinking about the family right now.”

“[Detectives] are working to get to the bottom of things, but at this point, it doesn’t appear to be anything nefarious,” he said.

After the incident, a worker who witnessed it needed medical aid, and emergency services were called, the police chief said. He did not say what condition the worker is in now.

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Quigley said the garage has operated in the community for a long time.

“I’d ask the residents in town to get behind these folks,” he said. “It’s clearly a difficult time for them, and they should be in everybody’s prayers.”

Lisa Wrin, who works in Cohasset and knows the boy’s family, told WBZ-TV the family is close-knit and that she often sees the children playing in the area.

“They are a very well-loved family in the area,” she said.