Boston weather: Potential for severe thunderstorms in Friday’s forecast


More rain is on the way.

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Hail and flash flooding are also possible. Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe

Brace yourselves, Boston: One of the wettest summers recorded since 1872 is about to bring more rain on Friday.

Isolated pockets of these storms are expected to be severe, with thunder and lightning as the main threat. The nearly all-day deluge could also bring with it damaging winds, pea-sized hail and even a lower but still present risk of flash flooding and tornadoes. 

Here’s what to expect and when to anticipate the stormy weather this Friday, according to the National Weather Service. 

When will it rain Friday?

NWS Boston meteorologist Matthew Belk said a warm front moves north through New England around midnight, and storms will follow shortly after. 

Rainy weather and thunderstorms will last into Friday afternoon, potentially bringing three-quarters of an inch to an inch of rainfall. 

As early as 2 p.m., a cold front will then move in from the west, leading to drier, cooler conditions and putting an end to the worst of the severe weather. But Boston and especially southeast Massachusetts could still see a cluster of rain storms into the evening. 

Other threats in the forecast

The main concerns for tomorrow are the risk of thunderstorms and lighting, especially earlier in the day, according to Belk.

“If you’re outdoors, and you hear thunder, you are in range,” Belk said. “It’s probably time to go inside at that point. That’s the best advice we can give.”

Belk said damaging winds are the next biggest threat. The NWS forecast shows winds could gust up to 21 mph on Friday.

Hail about half an inch in size, even an inch in areas that see the most severe storms, is also a concern. While a lower risk, flash flooding is still a possibility and the severity depends on how fast a storm moves over an area — though Belk did give some good news that the torrential rain is expected to move quickly over the region. 

Tornadoes are similarly a lower risk

More on Boston weather

As the warm front moves in, residents can expect the weather to be hot and muggy, with a high of 81 degrees. But once that cold front dries up the stormy air, Friday night will see a low of 60 degrees, and that drier, cooler weather will stay put through Saturday.

The forecast calls for a weekend of sunnier skies before it the potential for rain rolls in again Monday night.

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Originally posted 2023-08-17 23:44:34.