Darius Slay credited Mac Jones for ‘making great plays’ in Patriots-Eagles


The Eagles cornerback said that Jones responded well after early turnovers.

Darius Slay Mac Jones
Eagles cornerback Darius Slay during the first half of the season-opener against the Patriots. He intercepted Mac Jones during the first quarter. AP Photo/Greg M. Cooper

Mac Jones lost in Week 1, but he managed to win over a few fans despite the result. The latest endorsement came from Eagles cornerback Darius Slay.

Slay, 32, returned Jones’s first quarter interception for a touchdown. Yet he credited the Patriots’ quarterback for making a quality response to the early mishap.

“I’ve got to give a shoutout to Mac Jones,” said Slay in a video on his YouTube channel. “He had a great game.”

Though the Eagles forced early turnovers, the Patriots’ offense eventually got going.

“We got two of them,” Slay said of the turnovers, “but [Jones] got his groove going and he was making great checks, making accurate throws. You know he missed some throws, but he was just making great plays.”

Slay also offered some perspective on offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien.

Talking about the Eagles’ defensive line, he noted that despite Philadelphia’s talented pass rush, the Patriots were able to mostly negate it thanks to O’Brien’s game plan.

“If you watch the game, they were doing nothing but quick game all day,” Slay said, referencing New England’s play-calling. “Quick game, getting [the ball] out of there, throwing the ball, little drop here, little drop there. That’s the [way] to slow down a rush: Screens, you know what I’m saying?”

“They did a great job trying to stop our pass rush from getting there,” he said of the Patriots.

“But,” Slay added, “we got there twice. We could’ve got there more.”

The Eagles, now 1-0 as defending NFC champions, face the Vikings in Week 2, while the Patriots will host the Dolphins on Sunday Night Football.