David Ortiz clearly enjoyed reminding Derek Jeter (and Alex Rodriguez) of the Red Sox 2004 ALCS comeback

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“You did?”

David Ortiz Derek Jeter
David Ortiz and Derek Jeter prior to Jeter’s final game in 2014. AP Photo/Steven Senne

David Ortiz couldn’t resist a 2004 ALCS reference with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez: While the Red Sox aren’t in the postseason this year, there are still the occasionally enjoyable moments for Boston fans watching the Fox Sports broadcast.

Possibly the best example occurred on Monday night following Game 2 of the American League Championship Series. The panel of analysts included former Yankees Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez along with Red Sox legend David Ortiz.

As Jeter spoke about the current plight of the Astros — trailing 2-0 in the series — he smiled before referencing one of the worst moments of his Yankee career.

“Look, just because they’re down two games, it’s not over,” Jeter explained. “We lost a series being up 3-0. I don’t want to bring it back up, but we lost up 3-0.”

Ortiz, who obviously recognized Jeter’s reference to the 2004 ALCS (when the Red Sox rallied from a 3-0 deficit to defeat the Yankees), waited patiently for a moment to jump in.

“You did?” Ortiz jokingly replied.

“Yeah we did,” Jeter admitted before quickly changing the subject back to the Astros.

Rodriguez, who played alongside Jeter in the series (against Ortiz), couldn’t help but laugh.

The trio of former rivals appear to have developed a nice rapport as broadcasters, and have pranked each other several times over the years. A recent example came earlier in 2023, when Ortiz trolled Jeter by gifting him a Red Sox jersey with his name on it.

Trivia: While Bill Belichick is still pursuing the all-time wins record by a head coach, he’s also closing in on the all-time losses record. What former NFL head coach currently holds that ignominious crown?

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Hint: He coached the Broncos, Giants, and Falcons during his career.

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On Thursday, the Bruins play the Sharks in San Jose at 10:30 p.m.

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Trailing by a run in the ninth, however, Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar — who had famously proclaimed before the game, “Don’t let us win today!” — drew a walk. Pinch-runner Dave Roberts stole second base by the smallest of margins, and third baseman Bill Mueller slapped a base hit up the middle off of legendary New York closer Mariano Rivera to tie the game.

And while it technically came on Oct. 18 due to the game running five hours and two minutes long, David Ortiz ended it in the bottom of the 12th with a walk-off home run. It still seemed like a long-shot, but arguably the greatest comeback in sports had begun.

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