Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel dropped an iPod reference while answering a question about Bill Belichick


Mike McDaniel Dolphins Bill Belichick
Mike McDaniel will face Bill Belichick’s Patriots in the Week 2 matchup against the Dolphins. Al Diaz/Miami Herald via AP

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel — now in his second season in charge — is already known for having an informal press conference demeanor, as well as someone who isn’t afraid to make a few jokes.

In discussing the team’s preparations for the upcoming matchup against the Patriots, McDaniel also had high praise for his counterpart, Bill Belichick.

When asked about the Patriots’ success in playing Cover-1 defense, McDaniel shared his view on Belichick’s organization.

“It is amazing to me, and I hope one day I can even sniff this,” he began. “It’s amazing that the orchestration of the defense is so consistent, so fundamentally consistent and sound.”

On Belichick himself, McDaniel had a unique way of placing the longtime coach’s New England tenure in perspective.

“The leader of the ship was at the same job when we were all like, ‘What’s an iPod?’”

Belichick is now in his 24th season heading the Patriots, having been hired in 2000. The first editions of the iPod arrived in 2001.

Speaking in more serious football terms, McDaniel credited the Patriots’ work ethic.

“The coolest part about what they do is it’s not because they’re entitled,” he explained. “It’s because they work at stuff. You can really see it. They have very strong and consistent technique and fundamentals that you can tell from the top down, and all the coaches on the defensive side, that it’s non-negotiable. That they work together.

“I think they are unique in what they do,” McDaniel added. “That’s a testament from an X’s and O’s standpoint to one of the founding fathers of this generation of football. It’s pretty cool to watch. It’s a great challenge, and that’s what you want. You want to be challenged week in, week out with different things because, again, you’re preparing to try to be the best version of yourself against the best teams when it matters most.”