‘I think it’s too soon’: What Alex Cora said about a possible front office role with the Red Sox

Red Sox

“Honestly, I’m here to manage the team, right? I’m 48 next month, and I feel very comfortable with what I’m doing.”

Alex Cora seems just fine with his current role as Red Sox manager. Reed Hoffmann/AP Photo

When the Red Sox let go Chaim Bloom on Thursday, manager Alex Cora was viewed as one of the early candidates to replace him as the head of the team’s baseball operations.

Red Sox president/CEO Sam Kennedy and Cora didn’t do much Thursday to quell those rumors, with Kennedy saying he wouldn’t speculate on possible replacements and Cora saying that was a question “for the future.”

Cora gave a more definitive answer on Friday, admitting that he might not be ready just yet for a front-office role.

“I think it’s too soon,” Cora told reporters in Toronto. “Honestly, I’m here to manage the team, right? I’m 48 next month, and I feel very comfortable with what I’m doing.”

As Cora said he feels comfortable with being a manager, he also shared that he’s yet to speak with owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner “at length about what is going to happen here.”

Kennedy told reporters Thursday though that he and the organization expect Cora to return to the team in 2024, which would likely be in the same role he’s in now.

Cora also indicated that he’d like to return, as well.

“After the season, I’ll be here for a little bit, do the press conference and get ready for next season,” Cora told reporters.

Cora will be entering the final season of his contract in 2024, so his future in Boston is still a bit uncertain even if he does come back next season. While Cora ruled himself out from possibly replacing Bloom, he still has interest in a possible front-office position sometime in the future.

“That’s something that intrigues me,” Cora. “I’ve done it before on a lower scale, the [World Baseball Classic] and winter ball. But it’s something that right now — where I’m at, where we’re at as a family — it’s too soon to start talking about it.”

Red Sox assistant general manager Eddie Romero has also been speculated as a potential early candidate to replace Bloom. He’s been with the Red Sox since 2006 and has formed a bond with Cora over that time.

Cora didn’t want to endorse any possible candidates for the role when he spoke with reporters Friday.

“Out of respect to Chaim and everything that [the team] went through [Thursday], I’d rather not talk about the topic of GMs and candidates,” Cora said. “But [Romero], he’s capable. He’s been in the organization for a lot of years; he knows the game. He’s educated, well-prepared and been surrounded by quality people, Chaim included. He’s a good baseball man.”