‘It stings:’ What David Andrews, Deatrich Wise said after Patriots’ loss to Commanders


Andrews and Wise spoke after a frustrating, penalty-laden loss to a Washington team seemingly intent on tanking.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
David Andrews, pictured here in September, was left frustrated at the Gillette Stadium podium again on Sunday.

After another disappointing loss on Sunday, this time a 20-17 defeat to the Commanders, Patriots center David Andrews was the first one to the post-game podium as usual to answer for another difficult afternoon with New England falling short on a last-minute drive chasing the game.

”I stood up here and say it, and I believe it, that’s why I say it: it’s on us,” the captain said. “We had opportunities, not just in the two-minute, we had opportunities to make a play, make an impact, and we didn’t really do that. Again, you got to look in the mirror, go back to work. It’s not going to break my spirit, break our spirit, we’re going to take tonight, come back to work tomorrow, and see what we can do to correct it and get ready to play Indy.”

There were flashes of promise for the Patriots offense, particularly when Mac Jones and Co. went up-tempo and no-huddle, including on the final drive when New England moved the ball well before the Jones interception that sealed the game.

“Just trying and get into a rhythm, get the first first down, keep it moving, keep guys on the field to do different things,” Andrews said. “If you’re going fast and not having positive plays, it doesn’t really matter. So it all starts with positive plays, trying to get in a rhythm, get moving. We had some success, moved the ball there, just got to work to finish drives.”

The Patriots broke off their biggest offensive play of the season, thanks in big part to the offensive line, which opened up a huge hole for Rhamondre Stevenson to romp 64 yards for a touchdown.

“They went to an even wide front, when teams do that, not really on a pass rush down, you expect something coming inside,” Andrews said. “They kind of brought a blitz, did a good job picking that up, and if you give these backs space they can do a really good job, Rhamondre did a great job reading it. It was a good play, just got to build on it. There were other good plays, and you’ve just got to try and build on that each week.”

Despite some of those positive flashes, it was still a hugely disappointing afternoon against a Washington team that just sold off some of their best pieces at the trade deadline and appears headed for a further rebuild. Andrews wasn’t really thinking about whether a defeat to a team seemingly tanking stung any more.

“It stings because it’s a loss, so …” Andrews said before leaving the podium.

Deatrich Wise was next to speak Sunday after a loss defined by some brutal penalties.

“We know where we’re messing up, and we know we’re beating ourselves,” Wise said. “Most of the games that we play, it’s a lot of things that we’re doing wrong, and we’re not capitalizing on the opportunities we have. Our goal is to not beat ourselves.

“It’s more of a learning process, what’s mostly frustrating is losing, that’s the main thing. At the same time we have a [sliver] of motivation because we know if we just eliminate certain plays we’ll be able to turn games around.”

Another big problem for the Patriots Sunday was the defense’s inability to stop Sam Howell and the Commanders on third down; one of the low points in the loss was when Wise’s sack brought up third and 23, just for Howell to scramble for 24 yards and a first down.

“I can only speak for myself and my game, and I can continue to keep the quarterback in the pocket,” Wise said. “There were a few times this game where he got out and I put that on myself.”

“He just saw a gap and he took it. That’s really it. It was too much space at the line of scrimmage, and he took off running.”