‘Not an ideal uninvited guest’: Police help remove large snake from Cape Cod home

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“Not something you see every day in Orleans.”

A snake was found in an Orleans home. Orleans police

A Cape Cod resident made an unsettling discovery in their home on Friday — a “very large” snake in their closet.

Orleans police responded to the residence to help remove the reptile, which the department said likely made its way into the house through the front door, which was left open for the person’s dog.

“Not something you see every day in Orleans,” police wrote on Facebook. 

The snake was likely a Black Racer, according to officials.

“They are non-venomous, but definitely not an ideal uninvited guest,” the department wrote.

The snake was contained in a cooler and released in the woods, according to police. 

One Facebook user weighed in on the incident, urging police to consider an alternate location for the snake’s new home: “Please release on the other side of the bridge!”