Saugus woman murdered in 1992 featured on cold case podcast


Susan Taraskiewicz, 27, was found stabbed and badly beaten in the trunk of her car in Revere on Sept. 14, 1992.

Thursday marks the 31st anniversary of the discovery of 27-year-old Saugus resident Susan Taraskiewicz’s body inside the trunk of her car.

Susan Taraskiewicz was killed in 1992 when she was 27 years old. She was recently featured on “The Deck” podcast, which covers unsolved crimes. – Massachusetts State Police

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Massachusetts State Police wrote that they are as determined as ever to find Taraskiewicz’s killer.

“The passage of nearly a third of a century — the passage of a stretch of time that is four years longer than the length of Susan’s life — has not tempered one bit our desire to bring her killer or killers to justice,” State Police wrote.

On Sept. 13, 1992, Taraskiewicz left Logan Airport, where she worked as a baggage supervisor for Northwest Airlines, to make the nightly run to the local sub shop on behalf of her coworkers.

Her body was found 36 hours later — stabbed, beaten, and stuffed into the trunk of her Toyota Tercel — near 281 Lee Burbank Hwy. in Revere.

While State Police have not announced any new breaks in the case, they said Wednesday that they are pleased that Taraskiewicz was featured in the latest episode of an unsolved crimes podcast called “The Deck.”

The name of the podcast comes from a new technique law enforcement agencies are using to bring attention to unsolved crimes — creating a deck of cards that feature cold cases.

Last year, State Police created their own deck, which includes a different victim photo and information about their case on every card.

What we know about Taraskiewicz’s case

Susan Taraskiewicz was killed in 1992 when she was 27 years old. She was recently featured on “The Deck” podcast, which covers unsolved crimes. – Massachusetts State Police

After Taraskiewicz’s murder, The Boston Globe revealed that several Northwest baggage handlers were subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury about a nationwide credit card theft ring.

Court documents revealed that some of Taraskiewicz’s coworkers had harassed her and feared she would testify about the ring to investigators, the newspaper reported.

Taraskiewicz’s mother, Marlene Taraskiewicz, told the Globe in 2012 that her daughter’s coworkers “thought by harassing [her], they would get rid of her, and it didn’t work. They thought she’d quit, but she never did.”

One of Taraskiewicz’s coworkers, Joseph Nuzzo, was eventually convicted of charges relating to the credit card ring, the Globe reported. He was identified in court documents as having initiated the scheme, and was considered a possible suspect in Taraskiewicz’s murder, the newspaper wrote.

Nuzzo previously denied being involved with Taraskiewicz’s murder or harassing her.

30-plus years with no answers

For 31 years, Marlene Taraskiewicz has kept her daughter in the news.

“I want [whoever murdered her] to know that they have to keep looking over their shoulders, because they’re going to get caught,” she told the Globe in 2012.

“I know there are people out there that have information pertaining to Susan’s murder. You know who you are,’’ she told reporters in 2012. “I know I will never give up. I will never go away until I get peace and justice for Susan.’’

Susan Taraskiewicz was killed in 1992 when she was 27 years old. She was recently featured on “The Deck” podcast, which covers unsolved crimes. – Massachusetts State Police

On Wednesday, State Police reaffirmed their belief that there are people with knowledge of Taraskiewicz’s murder that haven’t come forward. They said they “know a good deal already” but need to obtain or confirm some details.

“Whatever reason you had for remaining silent until now doesn’t matter to us. Time passes, people and things change. It’s a long time past September 14, 1992, but not too late to do what is right,” State Police wrote.

Anyone with information about Taraskiewicz’s murder is asked to call State Police at (617) 727-8817.

Who was Susan Taraskiewicz?

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According to the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance, Taraskiewicz was born Feb. 13, 1965. She grew up in Saugus with her brother and sister, and was “creative and athletic throughout high school.”

“She was very smart. She was talented. She was a giving person who wanted to help everyone. She was really a good girl,’’ Marlene Taraskiewicz said of her daughter in 2012.

Taraskiewicz attended Salem State College, North Shore Community College, and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the office said. She later received high marks on the firefighter placement exam and was eighth on the reserve list for the Swampscott Fire Department.

The young woman loved roller skating and the “Peanuts” character Snoopy, the office said.

Susan Taraskiewicz, who was killed when she was 27, loved the “Peanuts” character Snoopy. – Massachusetts State Police

“Those fortunate enough to know Su will not soon forget her smile and golden heart,” the office wrote.