The Patriots’ best bet is to stick with Mac Jones, says Julian Edelman


“When things are not at their best, a lot of characteristics come out of people and that’s kind of when you want to evaluate them.”

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (10) throws against the Las Vegas Raiders during an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 15, 2023, in Las Vegas.
Mac Jones has thrown five touchdowns in six games with the Patriots this season. AP Photo/John Locher
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Former Patriots receiver Julian Edelman said that the Patriots’ best option at the quarterback position is to stick with Mac Jones for the rest of the year.

“I would stick it out. They’re not going to pay Kirk [Cousins] next year,” Edelman said during an appearance on The Voncast with Von Miller. “You’d rent Kirk if you have a shot unless you want to pay him for the next few years. I think you’ve got to stick with Mac and this is where you see his mental toughness.

“When things are not at their best, a lot of characteristics come out of people and that’s kind of when you want to evaluate them because that’s when you know whether you’ve got a dog or not.”

Jones has just five touchdowns in his first six games and has thrown seven interceptions. Offensive line play has been an issue, the Patriots are near the bottom of the lead in rushing yards, and the receivers have also struggled to get open.

But Jones has still made some head-scratching decisions that have resulted poorly for the Patriots.

The Patriots have pulled Jones twice over the last three weeks, opting to let Bailey Zappe finish blowout losses against Dallas and New Orleans. They’ve elevated Malik Cunningham from the practice squad and signed him to a three-year deal.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Patriots could even explore how much Jones could bring back in a trade.

Edelman spoke about how Tom Brady was able to adapt his game and perform well under adversity. Jones has not shown the same capabilities.

“It’s hard for me because I’ve only really seen one way,” Edelman said. “The guy that I played with, Tom, if the offensive line was struggling that day, he would adjust his game. He would get the ball out quick like let’s find a quick matchup. He knew how to adjust his game, and it’s hard to give a true unbiased take on the whole thing because that’s really all I know.”

Miller plays outside linebacker for the Bills. The Bills will travel to Foxborough on Sunday for a divisional matchup. Miller said he has noticed Jones’s talent, despite the lack of results.

“I like Mac Jones. You can see the talent,” Miller said. “You can see why he was a first-rounder … I see it on film, I see it on TV, it’s just this play or that play and it sets them back on the sticks.”