Tony Romo has a theory about why the Patriots haven’t replaced Mac Jones


“Mac Jones is better than what is being talked about or being shown.”

Mac Jones. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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The Patriots would somehow find a way to be worse than their current 1-5 record if they replaced Mac Jones, according to CBS’s Tony Romo.

“Mac Jones is better than what is being talked about or being shown,” Romo said. “Sometimes, the tape shows that he’s not playing well at times. I think the reason why he hasn’t been replaced is because he’s actually helping them have a chance to win more often.”

Still, it doesn’t get much worse than the way the Patriots have begun. Their only win this season is against the Jets, who were missing starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Saints and the Cowboys both stomped the Patriots, handing Bill Belichick the worst two losses of his career. This week, former Patriots Jakobi Meyers, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Brian Hoyer led the Josh McDaniels-coached Raiders to victory.

The situation isn’t entirely Jones’s fault. Bill Belichick constructed a roster with glaring holes. The offensive line has been a problem all year. The receivers aren’t producing much outside of Kendrick Bourne. The running backs are averaging less than 85 yards per game.

But, Jones has seven interceptions and counting. Romo called Jones’s most recent pick a “horrendous” throw after he sent the ball sailing over the head over a wide-open Hunter Henry.

Romo reiterated his comments after the game, saying that the throw was unacceptable and may have cost the Patriots a win they desperately needed.

“These past two weeks were terrible, but when you look at it, these games come down to turnovers,” Romo said. “The turnover he had today is not OK, that is an indiscriminate throw with a guy wide open, and you can look back and say those are points. And at the end of it, you end up losing by just a little bit, I mean that could be the difference in the game.”