Troubling ‘treats’: On the Cape, needles, in Central Mass, alcoholic candy found after Halloween


Police said a child in Sandwich found needles in his candy, while in West Boylston, children were given tequila-infused chocolates.

A photo of a Twix candy bar next to a sewing needle, allegedly found inside the candy bar.
Police in two Massachusetts towns reported children finding needles in their candy, as well as some trick-or-treaters receiving tequila-infused chocolates. Courtesy of Sandwich Police Department

Both needles and alcoholic candies were reportedly found in trick-or-treaters’ bags of sweets in two Massachusetts towns, police departments reported this week. 

One 8-year-old child in Sandwich reported finding sewing needles sticking out of two candies — one in a fun-size Snickers and another in a Twix — he got while trick-or-treating on Main Street. The mother of the boy told police that the needle was poking out of the candy, and the wrapper had a punctured hole in it. 

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, the Sandwich Police Department said in an update it was the only report of needles found in candy that law enforcement has received since Halloween on Tuesday. 

Police are urging parents to check their children’s candy if they participated in Halloween festivities around Main Street in Sandwich. 

Then in West Boylston, police said on Halloween night they received two reports of children receiving chocolate candy infused with Jose Cuervo, a brand of tequila. According to sites that sell the chocolates, it contains 1.9% alcohol and is only for adult consumption. 

Police said the children who found the candy in their bags went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood on Horseshoe Drive. They also urged families to check their children’s candies and to report any information about who might have given out the adult-only chocolates. has reached out to both police departments about any updates in the investigations.