Watch: Jayson Tatum gives Kevin Hart one of his 5-year old son Deuce’s jerseys to wear


“It actually doesn’t fit bad. What is that, like a 2T?”

Jayson and Deuce Tatum are inseparable. Jim Davis/Globe Staff
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Celtics forward Jayson Tatum brought a gift for Kevin Hart during his appearance on Hart’s YouTube show “Cold as Balls.”

Tatum gave Hart a Celtics jersey with the name of his five-year old son “Deuce” on the back.

“This is my son’s jersey, but they told me it might fit,” Tatum deadpanned. “And I know how much you love the Celtics.”

Hart is a Philadelphia native who happens to be a lifelong Sixers fan. The comedian is listed at 5-foot-2, according to his IMDb page.

“Just try it for me,” Tatum said as he unfurled the jersey. “This is how I get Deuce dressed in the morning.

Hart put on the jersey, and Tatum complimented Hart saying that the jersey looked good on him.

“It actually doesn’t fit bad. What is that, like a 2T?” Hart asked, referencing the size of the jersey. “Shoutout to Deuce. Thank you.”