Witness: Man who died after ‘medical event’ at Patriots game was punched twice in the head

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Authorities said Dale Mooney, 53, died after suffering a “medical event” at the Patriots-Dolphins game Sunday night in Foxborough. Now, a witness says Mooney was involved in a fight.

A witness says the New Hampshire man who died after suffering a “medical event” at the Patriots game in Foxborough Sunday night collapsed after a Dolphins fan punched him in the head twice, The Boston Globe reported Tuesday. 

Authorities said Monday that 53-year-old Dale Mooney, of Newmarket, suffered an “apparent medical event” during the fourth quarter of the game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.

Mooney was in the 308/309 section of Gillette Stadium when EMTs were called around 11 p.m. and he was taken to a hospital, authorities said. He was pronounced dead around midnight. 

Authorities said they were waiting to receive Mooney’s autopsy results before they release more information. But on Tuesday, New Hampshire resident Joey Kilmartin told the Globe that during the fourth quarter, he witnessed Mooney confront a man in a Dolphins jersey who Mooney had been arguing with verbally for most of the game.

“[Mooney] went over to Section 311 and he basically engaged in mutual combat with another fan. A lot of people started trying to pull them apart … It looked like somebody was in the middle of them, and then a man in the Dolphins jersey reached over and he connected with two punches to the victim’s head,” Kilmartin told the newspaper. “It wasn’t something crazy or out of the ordinary until, 30 seconds later, the guy wasn’t getting up.”

Kilmartin said Mooney keeled over backward and became lifeless, the Globe reported. 

“The way he slumped over, a lot of people knew he wasn’t okay,” he reportedly said.

The Dolphins fan, who looked like he was in his 30s, was taken away by police, Kilmartin told the Globe. Kilmartin told the newspaper he filmed the altercation, but is no longer providing it to news outlets. He did provide the video to police, and he was also interviewed by police, he told the Globe

The Globe reported that authorities confirmed the fight. Neither state police nor the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office responded immediately to a request for comment on the alleged scuffle. 

Mooney’s wife told the Globe she doesn’t think Mooney would’ve instigated a fight. It took a lot to get her husband mad, she told WCVB. 

“He has the patience of a saint. I don’t know what happened,” she told the news station.

Mooney’s wife also told WCVB she’s in disbelief about what happened and is feeling numb. Her husband was a father of two and a 30-year Patriots season ticket holder, she said.

“I want to know what happened,” she told the news station. “What caused this?”

State police said Monday that they were investigating “the facts and circumstances of the man’s death, including the sequence of events prior to the medical incident.” Meanwhile, the DA’s described the investigation as “standard protocol.” 

So far, no arrests have been reported.