Dolphins reaction to JuJu Smith-Schuster hit was ‘crazy’ and disrespectful, Christian Barmore says


“Those boys came on our sideline acting crazy,” Christian Barmore said. “We’re not going to let nobody come on our sideline and disrespect us like that.”

JuJu Smith-Schuster before his hit on Brandon Jones. Barry Chin/Globe Staff
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Mac Jones nearly threw what would have a costly interception on a 4th and 14 heave with just under two minutes to go in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to Miami.

But, JuJu Smith-Schuster leveled Miami’s Brandon Jones with a big hit, causing the defensive back to drop the ball.

A dustup between Patriots and Dolphins players ensued, with several players pushing and shoving, according to MassLive’s Mark Daniels.

Daniels reports that the Dolphins’ reaction to the play “enraged” Patriots defensive lineman Christian Barmore, who was involved in the fray. Barmore says his involvement happened because he was sticking up for his teammates.

“Protecting my teammate. Those boys came on our sideline acting crazy,” Barmore told MassLive. “We’re not going to let nobody come on our sideline and disrespect us like that. They came on our sideline and we were protecting our teammate. That wasn’t a dirty hit. Our man was doing his job.”

Smith-Schuster said after the game that he thought it was a clean hit, but can also see why Miami players would be upset. Smith-Schuster had a running start as he crashed into Jones while Jones was still in the air.

Barmore added that the Patriots did not go over to the Miami sideline after seeing DeVante Parker and Kendrick Bourne get hurt. Ezekiel Elliott also appeared to be tripped on a play that Bill Belichick later said there is no place in football for.

“We protect our teammates here, man,” Barmore said. “We love our teammates. We defend, right or wrong. I’m sorry [Jones] got hurt. I hope he’s ok. But ain’t nobody going to come on our sideline trying to be tough people. That’s not going to happen.”