Mass. elementary school has a close encounter of the moose kind

Local News

The moose casually joined the Monday morning drop-off line at Naquag Elementary School in Rutland, much to the surprise of students, families, and school staff.

The morning drop-off line can be chaotic enough as children head into school for the day, pausing briefly to remind their parents of soccer practice or other happenings after school, or suddenly realizing that they left their homework on the kitchen table.

For families driving through the drop-off line at Naquag Elementary School in Rutland on Monday’s foggy and rainy morning, there was an added surprise: a moose.

The large, goofy animal walked right up along the drop-off line, as everyone stopped and stared.

In a video shared by WCVB-TV, the moose appeared carefree as it strolled up the sidewalk along the building and took a look around.

“Holy cannoli, that is crazy!” someone could be heard saying in the video.

“How beautiful,” another person added.

Watch below:

Rutland police also shared a photo of the “special visitor,” noting that the moose had since left the area.

Authorities also reminded the public to give animals, especially moose, plenty of space.

Police shared the following guidance from MassWildlife: “Never try to approach or pursue a moose. Pursuit not only stresses the animal, but it adds the risk of having a moose chased out into traffic or into a group of bystanders. Wildlife professionals recommend letting the moose find its way out of populated areas and into nearby forested areas.”